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The use of herbs for health and wellness has been well docummented for centuries. Bathing in herbal “tea” is one way to benefit from the natural properties herbs offer.

We purchase our herbs locally and blend them to bring you an especially relaxing bath time. Whether you choose Lemonbalm and Lavender, Rose on Rose or one of our other enticing blends, there’s no doubt you will feel the relaxing effects.

Spearmint makes an especially good choice for those suffering from a cold or fever.

Lemonbalm & Lavender.jpg

Lemonbalm and Lavender combine

to give you a relaxing bath experience while the Spearmint will leave you feeling refreshed. All in all you will be ready to fall into dreamland after bathing in these aromatic herbs.

Rose on rose is a favorite

not only for the Rose Buds surrounding you like royalty, but also for the Rose Essential Oil helping your mind to forget the day and take in this moment. Relax and enjoy!

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