Shedding Some Light on Candles

Here in mid-winter, you may find yourself burning more candles than at other times of the year.  It makes sense. The nights are long and freezing cold. Just the sight of a candle’s flame brings a sense of warmth. And if it’s scented - all the better. Warm vanilla, Pumpkin pie and Spiced cranberry are all scents that invoke home, comfort and warmth.

But did you know that your beautiful, delicious smelling wax candle is full of chemicals, even carcinogens?  Wax, paraffin, is a by-product of the oil refining process. When the candle burns, chemicals and pollutants are released into the air and end up on the sides of your candle holder in the form of black soot. You may have noticed it on your walls after burning multiple candles at once or when burning them in an enclosed space, like a bathroom as well.  Soot also gets into your lungs when you inhale while burning candles and can exacerbate allergies.

And that’s just the paraffin. There are also artificial scents and coloring and wicks that contain lead.

Of course, the majority of us are doing no great harm to our bodies when we have a candlelight dinner once in a while. But if you like six candles on your tub once a week that might be a different story. Knowing that our bodies are battling the effects of pollution day in and day out why not make our home environment as chemical free as possible?

One easy step you can take is to burn soy or beeswax candles, which actually burn 30-50% longer than wax. Herbal House Products carries Prosperity Candles, which are soy or beeswax/soy combinations that are either unscented or are scented with essential oils and contain cotton wicks.  In addition to offering chemical-free candles, Prosperity also has a mission of helping improve the lives of women, in particular refugee women. So when you purchase candles from Herbal House Products, you help yourself to be healthier, you help a small business thrive, and you help women from around the world to live productive lives.

Thanks - for all you do!

Harriet McKee