Hello from Herbal House Products

As a new blogger and a new online business owner, it’s a little intimidating to come up with a blog. But as an English major with a concentration in Writing, I think I can manage.

So welcome! Welcome to Herbal House Products! A company that was started in response to the overwhelming amount of chemicals we all deal with in our daily lives, in our own homes and out in the world. I happen to own and operate a housecleaning business and I can tell you that involves a lot of chemicals. Anyone who cleans house is at risk from the many side effects suffered from inhaling chemicals. They aren’t all harsh or especially strong, but they aren’t good for you either. And fighting them takes a toll on your body.

In addition to the housecleaning products, we also have all natural, gluten free makeup! We offer various shades of foundation, blush and eye shadow, as well as multi-use minerals. All are beautiful and contain only what you see. We’ve also provided tips about using mineral cosmetics and whether your a pro or new to minerals you will find helpful tips and other interesting information about chemical free cosmetics.

Lastly, I want to introduce our Alpaca line. I’m a huge fan of alpaca and have been ever since I was introduced to their soft fleece. They are much like llamas, but much smaller with a sweet face and rather small ears.